Our Story

Decades ago a rebel, Uncle Mark, planted an idea that seeded a generation of like-minded people for this century. Located in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our farm is working to preserve the legacy of Uncle Mark, our original rebel. Rebel Spirit is the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and the willingness to overcome the injustices of an oppressive era. Unfortunately, many people have suffered for freedoms that we now enjoy. The spirit of those sacrifices lives on with us now.


Rebel Spirit believes that everyone has the freedom to choose their own adventure, and we exist to help send them on that journey. We understand that though you, our customer, may have an ‘ordinary’ everyday life, you also have an excitement inside—a rebel, an idea, a creation—that is waiting to be awakened. Rebel Spirit will bring that special ‘something’ to life.

We grow Rebel Spirit products on Uncle Mark’s Farm with you and our planet in mind. We mix our own soil from our farm’s rich earth and organic matter to nurture our cannabis with all-natural nutrients. We hydrate our plants with collected rainwater and water from our farm’s private well, which draws from a deep, pure, and plentiful aquifer. In addition, we recapture and recycle our water to achieve minimal environmental impact. We save electricity by using LED lights for our cannabis grown indoors, and we are working to install solar panels to provide our main source of power. Our packaging is re-usable and recyclable. When you choose Rebel Spirit, you are making an environmentally responsible decision.

Rebel Spirit produces only top-quality cannabis. We understand that our customers have differing needs. We provide you with a variety of superior strains, each filled with a plethora of cannabinoids and created to breathe life into your adventure. Our cannabis strains are designed to fulfill your recreational and/or medical needs. Whether you choose the pure passion and euphoria of our rich sativas, the deep and relaxing calm of our smooth indicas, or the transcendent balance of our hybrids, we have a strain cultivated especially for you. Uncle Mark would be proud that his seeds have taken root, are growing, and are embodied in our Rebel Spirit.


Each of us has a connection to something that gives our lives meaning. Here at Rebel Spirit, our connection—our purpose—is you. Decades ago, a rebel very dear to us planted an idea that has rooted itself within the foundation of this company. In the past, that idea was not widely accepted, and many sought to subdue it, but we are here to share the vision of naturally-grown, quality cannabis with you in this new era.

The idea is simple: There is a rebel inside each of you that is ready to be awakened and taken on an adventure that we are cultivating for you. Experience the adventure with our family’s legacy, grown in hand-crafted soil and fueled by renewable energy. We are honored to flourish in an era where we can share the fruits of our legacy. Now—we ask, What kind of rebel are you?