Our all-natural flower is sustainably grown in living soil. Rebel Spirit’s experienced breeders have worked for years to perfect our award-winning proprietary strains that along with popular favorites provide our customers the variety they seek.

Two-time winner of the Oregon Growers Cup, our prerolls never fail to please. Customers love the easy access to Rebel Spirit’s smooth-smoking proprietary strains, specially manufactured for a consistent, steady burn—all brought to you in beautiful, minimalist, biodegradable packaging.

Rebel Cones

Classic RAW cones, twisted by hand. Our cones have a finer grind, which burns hotter and provides denser smoke. Each weighs .5 grams.

Rebel Rollers

Machine rolled, slimmer profile. Our rollers have a coarser grind, which provides for more airflow and lighter smoke. Each weighs .7 grams.

Rebel Spirit’s all-natural vegan gummies are a taste treat in themselves. Their super-soft chewy texture and puckeringly sweet and sour flavors complement a heady, full-spectrum high. Available in Pineapple Pucker (hybrid), Berry Bliss (indica), and Tangerine Tart (sativa).

The best of our trim is distilled into golden amber shatter. Dabbing Rebel Spirit shatter provides more concentrated terpene-rich flavors and aromas than are typically experienced by smoking flower.

This 3:1 full-spectrum salve won the Oregon Growers Cup for Best Topical. Its adherents include athletes, who use it for muscle soreness and chafing; seniors, who use it to ease their arthritis; and the injured, who use it to alleviate their pain.