Our Mission

Here at Rebel Spirit, our connection—our purpose—is you. Decades ago, a rebel very dear to us planted an idea that has rooted itself within the foundation of this company. In the past, that idea was not widely accepted, and many sought to subdue it, but we are here to share the vision of naturally-grown, quality cannabis with you in this new era.

Our idea is simple: There is a rebel inside each of you that is ready to be awakened and taken on an adventure that we are cultivating for you. Experience the adventure with our family’s legacy, grown in hand-crafted soil and fueled by renewable energy. We are honored to flourish in an era where we can share the fruits of our legacy.

the original rebel spirit

Decades ago our dear friend and rebel, Uncle Mark, planted an idea that seeded a generation. Unjustly incarcerated in the 1990s for growing the plant we love, Mark died in prison, but his Rebel Spirit lives on in us and in our supporters. Rebel Spirit is the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and the willingness to overcome the injustices of an oppressive era. Now we are honored to share the fruits of Mark’s legacy.

The eagle of our logo symbolizes Mark’s spirit of freedom vanquishing the snake, a symbol of the evil forces that penned him in. Though those forces took his body, they can’t take his soul, his Rebel Spirit.

Now, years after founding our farm in Oregon, we are bringing our same high-quality products and spirit to our neighbors in California and beyond.

What is a Rebel?

the spirit inside

In all walks of life there are opportunities to answer the call of a hero’s journey. Sadly, most people never hear this call because their busy lives make them deaf to it.

So, what makes a true ‘Rebel Spirit’ rebel?

A true rebel is not necessarily a law-breaker. True rebels will practice civil disobedience against unjust laws, bucking the system to right wrongs. They are fearless freedom fighters of all kinds, pushing against the grain.

A true rebel speaks out, supports those less fortunate, fosters equality, and most importantly acts to do what is right. At Rebel Spirit, this also means taking care of the environment: operating sustainably, stewarding resources, working with nature, and rejecting pollutants.

A ‘Rebel Spirit’ rebel sees the entire picture, not just their own view, and inspires others to be their best. A rebel stands ready to act at the right moment—they’ve got an ear tuned to hear the call.

Now—we ask, What kind of rebel are you?

Rebel Spirit Cannabis is the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and the willingness to overcome the injustices of an oppressive era. Our team believes that everyone has the freedom to live their own adventure. We all have something vital stirring inside of us—a personal yearning, a thrilling idea, a unique spark—that’s just waiting to be ignited. Rebel Spirit is here to bring that special ‘something’ to life.