Organic Practices are the Key to a Healthy Cannabis Crop

“Organic” is more than a marketing buzzword. People are realizing the impact of the quality of products they put into their bodies—whether as food or medicine—and are making buying decisions that are best for their health. This often includes choosing organic products whenever possible. Organic doesn’t just apply to food; it also applies to products […]

Sustainability is a Key Factor of an Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Crop

Our world is quite literally on fire—between the ongoing fires in the western states (where Rebel Spirit is based), to the “Eye of Fire” in the Gulf of Mexico in early 2021, to the Australian bushfires, to Greece and Turkey. To protect our planet, we need to invest our time and energy in pivoting to […]

Soil Health is the Key to a Superior Cannabis Crop

The cannabis industry can be just as pretentious as the wine industry—with people speaking of terroir and heirloom varietals.  While those details matter, for the average cannabis consumer and home grower, some details matter more than others. At Rebel Spirit, we take your health and the planet’s health seriously, which is why we’re composing this […]